About Us

OUR MISSION Seven Squared is committed to comfort and style for every adventure. Whether your working outside, exploring a new trail or practicing a new trick- comfort and style should be important. We believe in getting outside and enjoying life. We want to encourage kids to be adventurous in whatever sport(s) they choose. 


VISIONS ALWAYS START SOMEWHERE Seven Squared Gear was started by John Nes. As a commercial fisherman working out of Dutch Harbor Alaska, John, always thought it would be fun to wear shirts that had realistic boats on them. With the help of friends and family he was able to put together his 1st design Dutch Harbor Special Forces featuring 3 Iconic fishing boats of Dutch Harbor.


WHY SEVEN SQUARED? Coming up with a name was easy. One day while walking down the dock a long time friend walking towards him was holding up his hands to form an L and a 7- making a Square. When John asked what that meant, he laughed and said Seven Squared, Man- your are a Square Headed Norwegian!  The design stuck.